Monday, September 19, 2011

Songs that should not be covered by other artists any more

Today while heading home from work, I came across an article on about the criminal overuse of "Hallelujah".  Love Leonard Cohen and I do love the late Jeff Buckley's version but by gawd that song needs to stop being re-interpretated by other artists.  Then I read this horrific article about Susan Boyle covering Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence". Needless to say, this inspired tonight's blog which is about songs that people needs to stop remaking (or butchering) because it has worn out its welcome with me.

I love the Josh Groban version of "You Raise Me Up". It sends chills down my spine. Celtic Woman's version isn't too shabby either (prefer the live version from their first dvd) but everyone else's version of the song ranging from  Westlife, Becky Taylor (a UK kid version of Celine Dion ...blech!), and Selah is just vomit inducing or just simply bland and boring. Enough with the damn song already. Write your own song.

I recently saw a live video clip of Linkin Park covering Adele's "Rolling in the Deep". Can we say lame? Plus youtube is full of amateur no-talents trying to sing their version of the hit song. IMO the only person (other than Adele) who is good at singing the song is Vicci Martinez from The Voice.
I love Vicci's version as much as I love Adele. And yes I did watch the first season of The Voice. I admit it. LOL

Love this song by The Smiths, hate the cover versions especially the one by that crappy group TATU. Worst cover version ever.

Granted not a huge fan of this song. I do like Soft Cell's "Tainted Love" but it is not my favorite new wave song however I am a lesser fan of those who try to cover the song like Marilyn Manson and Access Zero (a really kick ass synthpop band).

Dear Goldfinger: your version sucked donkey balls. Please don't ever do a cover of a classic '80s song because you will end up butchering it beyond recognition. To my readers: listen at your own risk. LOL

Here is another classic from my youth that should never be covered ever again. Hear that Jason Mraz, Bowling for Soup, and Sugarcult?

Do I really need to explain this Joy Division classic? I mean really, how many versions does the public really need to be subjected to? There are too many covers, most horrendous (including Dave Gahan's version).

So long story short I think it is high time for the music industry to give these songs a rest and stop ruining the integrity of them by remaking them.

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  1. Great post! But you should tell us how you really feel ;)

    Add to the list...every single Depeche Mode song ever. Especially Stripped and Personal Jesus. The whole catalog should be retired from covers just like they retire numbers in the sporting world. Though there are some magnificent Depeche Mode covers (I:Scintilla's I Want It All, Johnny Cash's Personal Jesus, Unter Null's Everything Counts), I'm really sick of hearing Depeche Mode covers. At least give us a few years' hiatus. Local H could totally write a song about that "Please no more Depeche Mode cover songs". And though there are some great covers on the Alfa Matrix Depeche Mode cover albums, thank your deity of choice that Alfa Matrix has stopped at 2.

    I do really like Snake River Conspiracy's cover of How Soon is Now, possibly better than the original *ducks*: