Saturday, September 24, 2011

CD reviews of the week

Since it has been awhile since I last posted some CD reviews, I decided to just make this latest entry short and brief since I have bunch of new stuff that is making my ears very happy :).

Arch Enemy: Khaos Legion

This was one of the six cds I picked up today at the Electric Fetus' last garage sale of the year. I don't know what compelled me to get it (maybe the cheap ass price of $1.50) but I got it. I tried listening to them years ago but at the time didn't care for their brand of metal and Angela's singing. Fast forward 6-7 years later, I am glad because I am really enjoying the Swedish death metal band's latest album. The music is aggressive yet melodic. I am even enjoying Angela Gossow's vocals. Really solid metal album. Lots of energy, melodies, and aggression. It will be great to listen to it at the office.

Schiller: Voyage

This is another cd I picked up today. I am a relatively new fan of Schiller's brand of electronica music. It is a pleasant mix of pop, ambient, classical, and trance. I am particularly fond o the track "Dream of You" (featuring ex-Wolfsheim singer Peter Heppner).

Hooverphonic: A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular

I used to own this album years ago, long before I got into industrial and synthpop msuic. I found this album today at the same garage sale. I decided to get it because I missed listening to the trip hop track "2Wicky". It's a good trip hop album but I am more fond of Blue Power Wonder Milk than I am of this album. I really wasn't crazy on some of the beats I heard, plus I think the material on BPWM is stronger and much more compelling. Better melodies and beats. Still it is good to hear this album again.

I also bought a few more cds at the garage sale but I have yet to listen to them so I'll write about them once I have.

Culture Kultur: Spirit

This is my favorite futurepop album right now. Their song "Love WilL Tear Us Apart" (originally done by Joy Division) was on my recommended section on youtube. One thing led to another, I was hooked on their music. I ended up ordering Spirit online. I adore this group from Spain. The music often reminds me of Wolfsheim and Covenant. While I like their Joy Division cover, I don't know if it was really necessary to include it on the album. Personally I think they should have just included the track as a b-side. Just my $0.02.

God Module: Seance

I am really enjoying the latest God Module cd but I would be dishonest to say that it was flawless. It isn't. I love Clint Carney but his tracks that he sings on "Into the Outside" and "Rember & Extinct" are the only 2 tracks that I have to hit the skip button. I honestly don't think his vocal stylings are suited for the aggrotech sounds of God Module but that is just my personal opinion. I do love his work with System Syn. I felt that his vocals on Seance felt forced. The rest of the album though is fantastic. I just love the song "Devil's Night" (which is also on Awake the Machines vol.7.

The Birthday Massacre: Imaginary Monsters

It's really odd. I really didn't care for the last TBM album Pins and Needles but when I heard the songs on the band's new EP Imaginary Monsters I took to them like a duck to water. Maybe because the new tracks didn't sound like a regurgitated versions of Walking With Strangers.  I think I will have to hear Pins and Needles again to see if my attitude towards the album has changed. I really love the title track a lot so I think it would be unfair to not give the album another chance.

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