Thursday, May 17, 2012

5 things in music I am most excited about right now

01. Decoded Feedback and Assemblage 23 - I just pre-ordered the new albums DisKonnekt and Bruise tonight. You can hear clips of the new DF album at this link.. And here is where you can hear the new A23 album.

I thought about getting the limited edition of Bruise but remixes are a hit or miss with me so I decided to just get the regular version.

02. New Garbage - so last night I went to Clubhouse Jager to hear the new Garbage album Not Your Kind of People courtesy of Renee Aztalanturf and DJ SLT. It is a fabulous album. For me, I just love the title track of the album.

I think this is their best ballad I have heard since "Milk".

03. I got my ticket for the upcoming Aesthetic Perfection concert on 7/3.

04. Dead Can Dance announces release date and name of their new album.

05. New Delerium - Yay! I just hope this new album will sound like a mix of Poem,Semantic Spaces, and Karma. Their last two studio albums sounded too poppy for my liking. Oh and I hated that craptacular song "Dust in Gravity" on their useless acoustic album.

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