Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Electronic Saviors 2:Recurrence

Electronic Saviors 2: Recurrence

Last week I got my copy of Electronic Saviors 2 compilation from Metropolis Records. It took me all weekend to listen to all six discs in the boxed set. I only bought the six disc version but that is okay with me. Here is the track list. It is pretty spectacular to say the very least. As most knows, the compilation raises money for the fight against cancer. Credit goes to Jim Semonik (DJ and promoter) who not only got all these great artists to contribute a track to this massive boxed cd set but also a cancer survivor. Proceeds of the compilation goes to Gilda's Club and The Bone Marrow Foundation. So if you can buy the compilation (the standard disc is only available from what I have heard), money will go to a great cause.

As I have said earlier, listening to my standard edition of Electronic Saviors 2 took me the entire weekend. I'll be brutally honest, there were some songs I wasn't really crazy about. I guess I just wasn't feeling some of the tracks but there are some pretty awesome songs on the compilation that made it worth spending $37 on this mixed bag of music. I'll just list some of my favorite tracks.

Mesh: You'll Never Understand Harder

Love the addition of Vic Anselmo's vocals. I'm not a huge Mesh fan but I just adore this song.

Ashbury Heights: Decent Cancer

This is a previously unreleased track by Ashbury Heights. Anything AH does is gold in my book.

Obscenity Trial: Ubers Wassers Gehen [SITD Remix]

Blutengel: Where Will You Be

Those are just a few of my favorite tracks. I also adore Sensuous Enemy's "Re:Mission", Constance Rudert's "The Harbour Song", The Mighty Chouffe's "Always This Heart", and The Dark Clan's "Sick as Love" just to name  a few.

I like how Jim organized the songs by the several stages of emotions that comes with coming to terms with cancer. I may not have been all that crazy by a good number of songs but those songs are outnumbered by those I love listening to. This was definitely a well spent $37.

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