Saturday, May 12, 2012

Albums I am currently listening to

First Aid Kit: The Lion's Roar

I have been curious about the Swedish sisters known as First Aid Kit. I requested their new album awhile back and finally got my turn at it. I rather like what I am hearing even if it is not what I normally listen to. I would describe their music as indie pop meets Americana.

Suicide Commando: The Suicide Sessions 1

While out putting up flyers around uptown for the upcoming Howard Jones show next month, I decided to reward myself with some new music. I decided to get this Suicide Commando compilation (couldn't find the latest Brute Heart album at Cheapo). I have to admit I am not impressed by what I have heard but maybe I just need to listen to the compilation a few more times.

Madonna: Ray of Light

Last weekend was the annual Bryn Mawr Festival of Garage Sales. One of the cds I bought there was Ray of Light by Madonna. This is the only Madonna album that I really love. I also think this is her last good album she made. I think what made this album so great is William Orbit's production. I just adore the subtle electronic beats. I missed owning this album so finding it last weekend for dirt cheap totally made my day.

Garbage: Garbage

This is another album I bought last weekend at the garage sales. I missed owning this album. Hearing Garbage's first album for the first time in 3-5 years felt good.

Buddha Bar VII

Back in the early to mid '00s I was really into the Buddha Bar series and chillout music in general. I decided to take a trip down memory lane when I bought the seventh volume in the series last weekend. While it is not nearly as good as the first five compilations, I still enjoy winding down to this 2 cd set.

Everything But the Girl: Walking Wounded

This is the last album I bought at least weekend's garage sale. What a fantastic album Walking Wounded is. Always loved Tracey Thorn's warm vocals which is complimented well with Ben Watts' immaculate beats.

The Artist Motion Picture Soundtrack

I found the soundtrack to The Artists today at the library. I had to check it out. I loved the film. When I listen to the soundtrack, I have images of the film running through my head.

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