Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rammstein at the Target Center 05.08.12

Well Rammstein came, conquered and left Minnesota in pieces so to speak. It was their first US tour in a decade. Since I didn't bring my camera, I did find that City Pages has a slide show of the Rammstein show from last night. I'll post other links to the show on my FB page if I find any more.
Here is some video footage I found on youtube including the entrance of the band which gave me the chills.

I thought it was really cool that the band entered not from back or under the stage but rather from one of the side entrances where people go to their seats. I wish I had a better seat than being stuck up high behind some morons who were smoking cigarettes through out the night.

This clip is a montage of footage from the show. I should note, none of the footage is from me. I did not have my camera. Oh well. I will come Howard Jones, Aesthetic Perfection, and Icon of Coil.

This is one of my favorite moments during the show when the band was performing the song "Engel".

Gotta love the wings.

Rammstein really knows how to put on a show. I was totally blown away by the band's live performance. I loved the amount of fire and pyrotechnics the band included in their live show. It really made for a spectacular viewing. I was shitting my pants figuratively speaking. I have never seen a band that invested that much time, energy, and obviously skill like Rammstein does. You want to see a live band that does more than just stand on stage? Go see Rammstein. Clearly they also have a sense of humor when the band finished the set with "Pussy" (my least favorite Rammstein song). I'll let this clipI found from 2010 speak for itself. It was hilarious.

Before I forget, Joe Letz from Combichrist dj'ed for the first half hour with a set of Rammstein songs to get the audience pumped up. The audience in the GA area seemed to have the life of the Chinese terra cota warriors for through out the night with the occasional spurt of energy but I think everyone enjoyed the show. I just wished I had better seats or at least wasn't sitting behind three massive douchebags who were puffing away on cigarettes. All in all, I had a blast last night. So well worth the money.

Here is a great review of the Rammstein show from the Saint Paul Pioneer Press.

I finally found some good footage of "Pussy" with the dick cannon from last night's show. LOL!


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