Friday, May 4, 2012

Mari Chrome - Georgy #11811

Georgy #11811 is the debut album by the German duo Mari Chrome featuring musician Kai Otte and singer Marion Aseema Kuchenmeister of Invisible Limits who joined forces in 2007. This is my most anticipated album of 2012 by a new artist or band. I first heard of Mari Chrome through Side-Line but I didn't hear their music until I got a copy of the new Alfa Matrix compilation (with my copy Letting Go by Stray)which features their song "Toxic".

I was immediately hooked by the song automatically. I haven't been this excited about a new artist since Javelynn. You could say Mari Chrome is this year's Javelynn, my little pet project where I try to spread the word about their music as much as possible. After listening to "Toxic" a gazillion times, it goes without saying that I immediately pre-ordered a copy of the duo's debut album Georgy #11811. I recieved my copy of the album this week and have been listening to it as much as possible at home as well as at the office.

The music on Georgy #11811 truly lives up to my expectations. The album isn't perfect per say. I think their cover of New Order's "Blue Monday" was disappointing. I really wished it wasn't turned into a midtempo track. I was hoping it would have the same energy of Orgy's version of "Blue Monday". Thankfully I cannot say the same about their interpretation of The Cure's "A Forest".

I really enjoyed their take on The Cure classic. I thought it was unique take on the song with the crisp, pulsating synth beats and Marion's powerful vocals. "The Seeker" is another personal favorite track of mine from the album. Like "Toxic", the song is propelled by infectious pop melodies and club-thumping beats.

Whenever I listen to Georgy #11811, I can't help but can't compare Marion's powerful vocals to one of my favorite singers Jai of Sensuous Enemy. Both women have a distinctive vocal range that can blow most of today's female singers out of the water. Kai Otte's skills as a musician is impeccable. His beats always lets Marion's vocals be front and center, and never try to overwhelm her vocals.

Georgy #11811 is a terrific debut album for Mari Chrome. I am looking forward to what the duo can creat in the near future. They have made a huge fan out of me.

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