Saturday, May 26, 2012

Albums I am currently listening to

Garbage: Not Your Kind of People

After a lengthy hiatus away from music, Garbage returns with their fifth album Not Your Kind of People. I had pre-ordered this album way back in February. So well worth the wait. I am so glad to have gotten the deluxe edition because it has four bonus tracks. While many reviews of the album have been mixed by music critics, I think the album is stellar and those critics who have totally written the album off is well...wrong. The title track is my favorite,favorite,favorite song on the album but it isn't to say that the rest of the songs on the album aren't just as good. Hopefully I won't have to wait seven years for another album by this awesome band.

Invisible Limits: A Conscious State

After being blown away by Mari Chrome's debut album Georgy #11811 last month, I decided to check out Marion Kuchenmeister's other band Invisible Limits. After listening to a few tracks online, I decided to buy the group's second album A Conscious State. As a big fan of '80s new wave music, A Conscious State did not disappoint me.

9th Evolution: Retro Americana

9th Evolution is one of those bands that one can't really label their music. The Florida band's music has been heavily influenced by various genres like metal to industrial as well as punk, glam rock, and whatever other musical genre one can think of. I bought this album last week and got it in the mail a couple of days. I was not disappointed in what I have heard. To get some idea of what the band sounds like, check out this track. It is one of my personal favorite tracks off the album.

With all the synth-based bands I listen to on a daily basis, Retro Americanais definitely refreshing to listen to.

Paul Van Dyk: Evolution

I had requested this album online from my library. I really had no expectations. I was simply curious to hear the new Van Dyk album. Much to my surprise, I found myself enjoying the album quite a bit.Still not the trance fan that I once was but Evolution got my groove shaking. I wasn't bored with the album as I tend to be with most trance albums nowadays.

Martin Zellar and The Hardways: Roosters Crow

I admit, I like Martin Zellar's music. I have always had a soft spot for his brand of country/rock since his days with The Gear Daddies. His new album (also which I got from the library) is great. Martin has a real knack for writing some of the catchiest music I have ever heard.

The laughing in the background is annoying but once the band starts playing, you'll forget about it.

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