Saturday, November 24, 2012

10 Artists/bands that makes me go all fangirl

So last week one of my fellow Kilted Farmer Koncerts street team members posted the question on Facebook "What band makes you go all Fan Boy/Girl?", so I thought I would post ten bands that makes me go all fangirl. LOL!

10. Zynic

This is my newest and favorite synthpop find. I have been absolutely hooked on the synthpop sounds of Zynic for the past week or 2. Recently got a copy of Fire Walk With Me in the mail when I got home from the holiday.

09. Blutengel

This is a band that I totally go apeshit over. lol

08. Curve

Yes I know Curve no longer exists but that doesn't mean their music can't stop making me go all fangirl over them.

07. The Bangles

Regardless of the trio's lackluster album that they released last year, I still love them. Their music will always remain a huge influence over me no matter how old I am. Still love their album Everything. The harmonies on that album is so spot on and flawless IMHO.

06. Kirlian Camera

Kirlian Camera has certainly become one of my personal favorite bands in the past five years I have been listening to them. Some of the most beautiful music I have heard has been from KC.

05. Javelynn

04. Sara Noxx

I think Sara Noxx is one of the most underrated/underappreciated singers in the dark music scene. I swear I am the only person in the local scene who is familiar with her music.

03. Cylab

02. Sensuous Enemy

Like I haven't rambled on enough about this awesome band from Madison, Wisconsin ;). Love this band to pieces!

And for my number 1 band that makes me go all fangirl...

01. Unter Null

To be fair, I love every thing that Erica Dunham churns out whether it is Stray, Unter Null, or Unterbites but really Unter Null is one my true love. I recently started listening to Moving On for the first time in months. The album still sounds fresh and new as the first time I heard it 2 years ago. I relate so much to the angst in Erica's lyrics which is why I adore Unter Null as well as the gutteral vocals. Erica was one of the first few women in music whose vocals can be as aggressive and brutal as men. I also credit Erica/Unter Null for really getting me into aggrotech in a huge way. Unter Null's music showed me that it can be as melodic and brutal at the same time. I can ramble on and on about my love for Unter Null but I won't bore my readers ;).

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  1. You should totally check out Blindness if you haven't yet. Debbie Smith of Curve plays guitar. I'm in love <3