Monday, November 19, 2012

5 things I am currently excited about

It's been awhile since I wrote the five things I am excited about. I'll try to post more about stuff I am currently excited about.

05. I just got my new Unter Null shirt today. I absolutely fucking love it. It is so bad ass.

04. Sarah Brightman in 2013 - so stoked to be seeing Sarah for the first time next March.

This is the most expensive concert ticket that I have ever bought but for Sarah, it was a no brainer.

03. The return of Unterbites. As soon as I get paid again next week, I am so putting in an order for some of Erica Dunham's new goodies.

02. New Hanzel und Gretyl album coming out next week. I have mine pre-ordered. It should be shipping out by the end of this week knowing how Metropolis records operates.

01. Zynic - this is my new favorite synthpop band. Been listening to their stuff on youtube all weekend.

I recently ordered their album from Amazon. Should get it by the time I get back from Thanksgiving vacation.

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