Saturday, November 10, 2012

Albums I am currently listening to

Got a shitload of new cds that I either acquired or bought in the past week. My ears are in paradise. LOL! Got a bunch of free cds from Trace who got a bunch of synthpop cds from A Different Drum records at a good price and ended up giving them away at the Assemblage 23 show the other night. I just dove right in and grabbed what I could and so far I really like what I have picked out. I haven't listened to all of the cds yet I got from Trace so I'm just going to list what I have heard so far.

Wideband Network - Ten Thousand Seconds

This is a really good album of electronic/pop/dance music. I can definitely hear elements of BT and Hybrid. Definitely worth checking out I think.

Ultraviolet - DOS

Really great synthpop. Very reminiscent of Depeche Mode and De/Vision IMHO.

Silica Gel - Exodus

Ever since finding them on youtube, I have been wanting some Silica Gel to add to my constantly expanding music collection. Scored a copy from Trace and it is so damn good.

Alien #6 13 - Establishing Alpha

I can honestly say that this wasn't my favorite cd out of the bunch that I acquired. It wasn't horrible but I just couldn't get into the music at all. Too mainstream dancey for me.

At Station 4 on Tuesday night. I ended up leaving the club with two cds: the latest albums by William Control and Aesthetic Perfection.
William Control - Silentium Amoris

After being left unimpressed with their second album Noir, I have to say that Silentium Amoris is a massive improvement. It is so less rock and more darkwave/synthpop. Fantastic album. So glad I bought it at the show.

Aesthetic Perfection - All Beauty Destroyed

I finally got around to buying the latest AP album. Forgot to get a copy back in July at their headlining show at Ground Zero. It's pretty good for the most party but eventually my attention span dropped around the last few songs on the album. Music started to sound too much the same IMHO. Still I totally dig the band.

Espermachine - Dying Life

The other night at the A23 show, I bought Espermachine's Dying Life album. Absolutely fucking loved it.

Delerium - Music Box Opera

A couple of weeks ago I got the new Delerium cd in the mail. It almost goes without saying when I say that I love the new Delerium album. Definitely a stronger effort than Nuanges du Monde was.

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