Friday, November 9, 2012

Assemblage 23 at Ground Zero on 11.08.12

Well another Kilted Farmer Koncerts has come and gone. Kinda depressed now since I don't have a major concert to attend to until 2013 (i.e Sarah Brightman). LOL! Since I didn't get video footage from The Birthday Massacre the other night, I was damned determined to make up for that loss with the A23 show. Since I recorded six videos from the show, I think it is just best to go to my youtube page to watch them. Enjoy!

Assemblage 23 with Espermachine and Thought Thieves

Espermachine started off the show last night with their brand of  killer synthpop. I loved their set. I bought their cd Dying Life after they got off stage. I love it from start to finish. I definitely recommend checking out their album. Thought Thieves followed next. I was rather surprised to see them in the second slot on the show's bill than Espermachine but whatever. The last time I saw the band at GZ, their fog machine went into overtime and no one could see them let alone their own hands in front of their faces. LOL! All the songs they performed were from their latest CD. I have to get it one of these days. The songs are still new to me and haven't gotten familiar enough with them. Still I liked what I have heard from the band. They certainly have come a long way since I first saw them play a few years ago. Assemblage 23 closed out the night with a killer set featuring many songs from Bruise but with a few new/older tunes. Although I didn't know him, I thought it was awesome that Tom would dedicate "Document" to the late Donovan Madsen who was a huge A23 fan. For once, I was really smart about where I stood on the concert floor. I spent all night in front of the stage and without one of those damn speakers blockng my view. I was wiped out by the end of the night, too tired to wait to go meet Tom Shears. Still I did get a pic of myself with the lead singer of Espermachine so I am happy as a clam about that. All in all last night was a fun night.

BTW...I have posted my videos from the show last night on The Twin Cities Underground FB page.

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