Saturday, November 3, 2012

My top 10 favorite albums by female fronted bands

Awhile ago I was having a conversation with one of my favorite FB friends. She was looking for some recommendations for some albums to buy especially by bands with female singers. I have been meaning to write about it on my blog but kept on getting distracted with other topics. Now I have finally put together my list. Enjoy! :)

01. Sensuous Enemy - Parity

This is my favorite SE album because of the strong melodies and hypnotic dance beats. Just listen to the track "Intentions". The remixes are just as compelling especially by The Light Asylum (aka OnceTheSun).

02. Cylab - Cut and Coil

Cylab never ceases to amaze me. They just keep getting better and better with every album they put out. Their most recent album Cut and Coil is my personal fave because of the extraordinary work Percy does as the programmer. The beats he creates is amazing and on this album totally blows my mind away.

03. Kirlian Camera - Nightglory

Oh how I love this band.I don't own many albums by Kirlian Camera but the few I do, this is my personal favorite. Just love their cover of "Hymn" by Ultravox.

04. Curve - Way of Curve

This is an awesome collection of songs from one of my favorite bands in the '90s. Gotta love their cover of Donna Summer's "I Feel Love". Curve was such a grossly underrated band IMHO.

05. Javelynn - Chimaera at Heart

Javelynn was my favorite new band from 2011 featuring Ashbury Heights singer Yaz. Their 2011 debut album was one of my personal favorite releases that year and still is one of my favorite albums in general. It is so damn catchy.

06. I:Scintilla - Optics

I have been a big fan of I:Scintilla since I first reviewed an old demo cd for Of all their albums, Optics is my personal fave. I personally think it is their most aggressive album. Do love their most recent studio album Dying and Fallingfor sure.

07. Garbage - Version 2.0

If it wasn't for the UK band Curve, I think there would be no Garbage. The Curve influence is pretty obvious in the music with the mix of techno and rock, and the results fucking rock. Version 2.0 is my personal favorite Garbage of all time. It is consistently good from start to finish.

08. Ego Likness - Dragonfly

Earlier this summer, I participated in Ego Likeness' kickstarter project to re-release their first album Dragonfly. This album really solidified me as a fan of Ego Likeness's music, not that I wasn't before when I bought Breedless but this album really gave me a glimpse to just how talented this band is.

09. Hanzel und Gretyl - 2012: Zwanzig Zwolf

I love HuG and their album 2012: Zwanzig Zwolf. It sounds so awesome when cranked up on the stereo.

10. Die Braut - Psychotherapy

Earlier this year I discovered Die Braut and fell in love with their brand of aggrotech music.

Honorable mentions: Pulse of the Earth by Hungry Lucy, Trapped Inside by Mankind is Obsolete, Georgy #11811 by Mari Chrome, Walking with Strangers by The Birthday Massacre , Blackheart Revolution by Genitorturers, Synthesis by The Break Up, Noise in My Head by DarkDriveClinic, and Kinetik by Omega Lithium.

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