Monday, March 10, 2014

Albums I am currently listening to

CDs I picked up from the library this weekend: 
 This is...By Icona Pop

Imperium by Blouse

True Romance by Charli XCX

Only In Dreams by Dum Dum Girls

Symphonies of the Night

Pink Moon by Nick Drake

 From my personal CD collection:
 Chain Gang of Love by The Raveonettes

Water to the Dead by Ego Likeness

Uber Alles by Hanzel und Gretyl

Pieces in a Modern Style by William Orbit

I must say the CDs I picked up from the library over the weekend are really good. I am really digging the Icona Pop album This Is... and True Romance by Charli XCX.  They are fun, catchy pop albums. I definitely want my own copy of the Icona Pop album. It totally brightened up my day (which was just awful) when I got home from work today. I also love Only In Dreams by Dum Dum Girls. I am now super excited to see the band alive. I am totally digging DDG's music in a huge way. I was really stoked to have found Blouse's album at the library too. Blouse is touring with DDG. After hearing their album, I can definitely understand why they were chosen to tour with DDG. Their sound is similar to Dum Dum Girls' retro/garage rock.

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