Monday, March 24, 2014

My Top 5 Picks of 2014 releases people should check out

I know it is only March but I have already heard some really stunning albums released this year that I think should be heard by the masses.

01. Authority by Client - I just found this album on Spotify. So while I am waiting for my copy of the album to arrive in the mail, I decided to take a listen to the album. I was not disappointed. The music is reminiscent of Ladytron, maybe a bit more polished. I really like the new singer Nicole Thomas. Favorite tracks: "Refuge", "Faith", and "Obsession".

02. Too True by Dum Dum Girls - Easily my favorite rock album I have heard so far this year. I am reminded a little of The Raveonettes but with a lot less distorted guitars but their music shares that same retro '60s sound with the Danish band.  Favorite tracks: "Cult of Love", "Rimbaud Eyes", and "Are You Okay?".

03.Voices by Phantogram - It is funny, the first time I listened to this album I had streamed it on Spotify. Initially I wasn't sure what to think of it. Despite that reaction, I still bought it yesterday at the Fetus. Now that I have listened to the album a few more times since buying the album, I absolutely love the album. I really can't describe their music. It certainly isn't straight forward pop. The music can be quite dark lyrically and musically.  Favorite tracks: "Fall in Love", "Bill Murray", and "My Only Friend".

04. Many Faces of War by Army on the Dance Floor -  I have been watching this band for a good part of 2013. Earlier this year Army on the Dance Floor released their debut album Many Faces of War independently. Having heard samples of their music prior to their release and enjoying what I had heard, I was very excited to hear their debut album. I love new wave music so Many Faces of War is right up my alley. Very catchy and dance friendly. Favorite tracks: "Five Million Stars", "Leia", "Many Faces of War".

05. False Face by God Module - Absolutely freaking love this album. End of story. This album totally made my work day a lot more bearable. The music is harsh yet melodic as expected from God Module. Favorite tracks: "A Good Night to Die", "False Face", and "Through the Noise".

Honorable Mentions:
Hydra by Within Temptation - Hydra is my next favorite album in the rock/metal genre. This is the band's most diverse album I have heard. I love the duets with Tarja, Howard, Xzibit, and Dave Pirner. I think including them has helped the band's music sound not so monotonous like on previous albums (which is why I never couldn't get into the band in the same way as I did with Nightwish). Favorite tracks: "Dangerous", "And We Run", and "Paradise (What About Us)".

Shurado by Baal  - Heavy, intense cyberpunk music is my best description for this excellent album from the Japanese band. I love listening to this album while I do some housecleaning. Not the most melodic album I have heard but it has a lot of energy and is a good outlet for pent up aggression.  Favorite tracks: "Purge", "Dead Sector", and "Awake".

While the new Aesthetic Perfection album 'Til Death was thoroughly enjoyable, I just didn't think it was as strong as the new God Module album. I still like it and the direction that Daniel Graves decided to take his music, I just happen to like the new God Module album a bit more. The new Combichrist album We Love You just failed to impress me. It had a few solid tracks but overall I was not terribly impressed by it especially when the new Nitro/Noise album No Cure for Apocalypse is coming out in a few weeks and judging by the few tracks I have heard, it kicks massive ass. For me personally, Combichrist's music has become rather stagnant and uninteresting while Nitro/Noise's music sounds more fresh and energetic. This is one of my quibbles with a lot of the bands signed to Metropolis Records, some of the bands on their label have been churning out some of the most uninteresting music in the past few years therefore I have been using bandcamp to find music that would appeal to me. Right now DWA (aka Digital World Audio, formerly known as Deathwatch Asia) Records has gotten my undivided attention with bands like Nitro/Noise, Sirus, Detroit Diesel, Surgyn, and Cyferdyne. Sorry for that off-topic rambling. I just had to get that off my mind ;).

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