Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Albums I am currently listening to

Future Souls by Uh Huh Her - I just discovered that the new Uh Huh Her album was available for streaming on Spotify. Just finished listening to it. I think it goes without saying I will definitely be buying a copy of the album when I go see the band live at The Triple Rock on 4/30.

Authority by Client - Until I get my copy of Authority in the mail one of these days, I'll just have to settle to listen to the album via Spotify. I am enjoying the album immensely.

Out Among Stars by Johnny Cash - Although the man in black has been gone for several years, his music is simply timeless. I can never get tired of listening to Johnny Cash's music and this is the case with this "new" album from the man in black which was recorded in the '80s but was never released to the public (until now). This is a wonderful album. I thought it was really sweet to hear Johnny sing with his wife June.

In the Shadows by Roniit

Just discovered Roniit a couple of nights ago via Spotify. Her brand of electro-pop reminded me an awful lot of Conjure One, Balligomingo, Delerium, and Sleepthief. Really beautiful music.

Rushing Through the Sky by Schoolcraft

I just discovered Schoolcraft via bandcamp this afternoon at work. I absolutely loved what I had heard. In fact I just ordered a copy of it. I love bandcamp.

Love is Luxury By Valerie Gentile

Also discovered Valerie's music this afternoon on bandcamp. Really dug what I heard.

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