Monday, March 31, 2014

What I am looking forward to in April

With March about to end, I thought I would share with my readers what I am looking forward to in the next month:

Non-music: my 12th tattoo. I have been bouncing off the walls for the nearly two weeks waiting for my appointment at Saint Sabrina's in April to get a partial shot of a xenomorph tattooed on my right calf. Since I am turning 40 later this year, I figure I need to do something big for my b'day and a badass tattoo like a xenomorph seems to do the trick. Music-wise, April is going to be a pretty hectic month for me for concerts.

I am kicking off April with the much anticipated concert featuring the Dum Dum Girls at the Triple Rock.

On Friday, tickets for the upcoming Chvrches show at First Avenue goes on sale. I definitely can't miss that band again like I did the first time around.

New Nitro/Noise album No Cure for Apocalypse. I think that is an obvious given for anyone who reads my blog ;). I am not sorry when I say this but this band is 10x better than Combichrist.

VNV Nation with Whiteqube at Mill City Nights - This will be like my 4th or 5th time I will be seeing VNV Nation live. Always a lot of fun to see live. It will be nice to see them in another venue other than the now closed Station 4 which frankly was not my favorite venue to see them live.

Phantogram with Teen at First Avenue - This will be my first time seeing Phantogram live. It will be interesting to see how they sound live compared to their recordings. Very excited for this show especially since the show is sold out.

Uh Huh Her with DJ Kim Anh at Triple Rock Social Club - Another first time show for me. I was kinda bummed that I had to miss UHH when they were at The Varsity a few years back so I am making up for that with this show.

Empty by Mondtraume  - I have been listening to the few tracks available for streaming on bandcamp quite a bit lately. This is definitely another highly anticipated album I am looking forward to getting later this month (will be pre-ordering it very soon).

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