Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hate Dept. with Project .44 and Absynthe of Faith at Club Underground on 03.08.14

Well another concert I went to this weekend and this time at Club Underground underneath The Spring Street Tavern. The Skinny Puppy show from two weekends ago was my official kick off to my busy concert schedule. Last night's show was the Hate Dept. with Project .44 and local band Absynthe of Faith show which was a collaboration between Kilted Street Farmer and DarkSide Minnesota. It was a fun night to be had. Always fun to see my friends in the scene and to have a couple of drinks while we chatted before the show. Considering the turn out for the show, Club Underground was definitely the ideal setting for the show. The small, intimate setting allowed the audience to have a closer interaction with the bands. Since the arrival of DarkSide Minnesota, it seems like the dark underground scene in the Twin Cities has started to come alive with fresh new faces (well maybe not so new to a certain extent) like Absynthe of Faith, who started in 2007 but has started making a serious dent in the scene with the help of DSMN last year. You listen to their music on their ReverbNation page. Absynthe of Faith kicked off last night's show and judging by the audience, they have really cultivated a nice following so far. I definitely would recommend to people to keep their eyes on this promising young band. Project .44 was the second band. They are touring with Hate Dept. on their US tour. The band features members of Ministry, TKK, and other notable Chicago bands. Their set was highly energetic and entertaining. They even had a couple of friends from the Twin Cities get up on stage and sing back up with them. Finally there was Hate Dept.. I am relatively new to the band's music. I have only heard their new album New Ghost. Hate Dept.'s set was a ton of fun. There was a lot of bantering and interaction with the audience through out the set. As a live act, Hate Dept. sounded phenomenal. I was completely impressed. Unlike at the Skinny Puppy, I was fortunate to put myself near the stage but yet not get knocked around or pushed to the ground by the audience which allowed me to get some photographs and video footage from the show. In general, I had a great time last night. Next show for me is Warpaint at First Avenue on 3/29.

goth_maven's Hate Dept with Project 44 and Absynthe of Faith album on Photobucket

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