Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Top 10 Must Have Albums

Tonight I have been thinking about all the upcoming releases set to be released this spring. I am also including a couple of albums that are already available to the public.  I thought I would share with my readers my 10 must have albums. I know have posted something similar last month but this will be updated because on my last list, there were a couple of releases that I did not include.

10. Geben aller Verdammten by Schwarzblut - I recently heard Schwarzblut's latest EP Bis aufs Blut and absolutely loved what I heard. If their new album Geben aller Verdammten is anything like the EP, I am definitely planning on buying the album.

09. Freakshow by  Aengeldust

08. The Journey So Far: The Best of Loreena McKennitt by Loreena McKennitt-being a diehard fan, I definitely want to add this best of collection to my ever so growing music collection. I can't help it ;).

07. Arizona Lights by Machinista

06. Black Symphonies by Blutengel

05. Rave the Reqviem by Rave the Reqviem

04. Collection by Belinda Carlisle - I confess. I have a soft spot for Belinda Carlisle's solo work so to own this collection of her solo work is a must have for me.

03. Electronic Saviors 3: Remission

02. Authority by Client - Okay so I already pre-ordered the new Client album. I still think though it is album to look out for this year for fans of Ladytron (although some longtime Client fans aren't loving the new singer and songs).  To each their own I suppose.

01.No Cure for Apocalypse by Nitro Noise - Hands down this is the release to look out for...the new Nitro Noise album. If you dig Combichrist, you will absolutely fucking love Nitro Noise. I know I do. Personally I prefer Nitro Noise over Combichrist any given day but that is just me

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