Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Album Of The Week: Twin Cities Electropunk Vol.8

For this week's pick for Album Of The Week, I chose the latest volume in the long running series Twin Cities Electropunk (Vol.8). This is a local series in the twin cities that has been going on for 12 years. These compilations is a great example of how diverse the local music scene is here in the Twin Cities and shows that there is much more to it than just Prince and The Jayhawks. Other than those who are part of the underground scene here in the Twin Cities, I don't think the rest of the Twin Cities is aware of the electro punk scene.

After a three year hiatus, the series picks up where Vol.7 left off. Most of the bands on volume eight are completely new to me. The few I am familiar are Avenpitch, MY ZERO, as/of, kether, betaEight, Albuterol, Promidal, The Trapezoids, OneNeoEon. The music is quite diverse, ranging from aggrotech to synth-rock. I am going to be genuinely honest when I say that not all of the tracks really appealed to my ears but those were few and far between and keep in my this is just my personal opinion. Everyone's taste in music is not the same. I would say I liked about 95% of the album especially tracks by Avenpitch, MY ZERO, Promidal (duh!), Uber Cool Kung Fu, Albuterol, as/of, and St.Anthony Falls. I certainly would recommend checking out this latest compilation in the TC Electropunk series as well as previous compilations. If anything, the Twin Cities Electropunk series should broaden listeners' minds to the music scene in the Twin Cities.

 I wish I could have gone to the CD release party but I was out of town last month for my two concerts. The TC Electropunk shows are always fun to attend. The timing this year was awful for me.

I have included below links to some of the bands one can hear on the compilation.








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