Monday, October 17, 2016

Playlist of the Week for 10.17.16 - 10.23.16

For this week's playlist, I chose to share my playlist of Autumn's two albums The Hating Tree and Return to the Breath. Unfortunately the band's two albums are sold out. What copies you can find online (i.e Amazon) are not cheap, especially The Hating Tree. Both albums are excellent examples of darkwave/goth music. The band is even more amazing live. Here is some old footage I took at a show they performed many moons ago at Ground Zero.

Funny thing that happened during the band's set is two douchebags started fighting during the band's set. I still remember seeing the fight break out, right up there with the two other morons moshing during Faith and The Muse's set that night. I kept getting knocked over by those two clowns. Don't remember what happened to them but I know I was pissed off. LOL!  Anyways you can catch Autumn live again next month as opening act for UZZA at UZZA's CD Release Party at Day Block Brewing Company.

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