Thursday, October 13, 2016

My Current Favorite Songs

It's Thursday again. Time to share with my readers my current favorite songs at the moment. Got a mix of new and old songs this week. Today I have been on a Belinda Carlisle/The Go Go's kick so I had to add a song by Belinda Carlisle with her former band and as a solo artist. I absolutely love Belinda's solo work from the '80s. That is some seriously good pop music. Also been listening a lot of my Blutengel playlist I created.  Their song "Forever" is my current favorite song by the band. I strongly recommend checking out Kitten's "Church". That probably will end up as my favorite song of 2016. It is so freaking damn catchy. I don't think I will ever get off on my Autumn kick because I have "Of Moondrop Tears" from The Hating Tree on my playlist. Can hardly wait to see the band perform live again next month. The rest of the playlist is pretty good I think so listen to it in its entirety ;).

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