Wednesday, March 23, 2011

5 songs worth checking out

The title of my latest blog entry speaks volume. These are some new finds that I found online that I think are worth checking out. This will be a weekly thing on my blog. The songs I will feature will be a mix of new and old songs that catches my ears.

05. Man On a Wire by Ghost & Writer

04. Journey of Life by X-Perience

03. Carmilla by Tour de Force

02. NB Sadness by Silent Auction

01. Uber den Horizont by Blutengel

I love all five tracks that I have listed. I am particularly fond of the tracks by Blutengel, Tour de Force, and X-Perience. Those songs really have strong, solid pop hooks. I just love the male vocals on "Carmilla". The vocalist reminds me of Enrico from the Italian synthpop band Blume. Silent Auction is a recent discovery for me. I found the band on A Different Drum website nearly 2 weeks ago and have hooked since then. "Man on a Wire" is by far my favorite song I have heard from Ghost & Writer so far. I haven't heard much  but what little I have heard really hasn't convinced me to buy a copy of their album Shipwrecks online. Still I am not totally writing them off completely. I will have to listen to more of their music online before making a final decision. Just LOVE the new single "Uber den Horizont" by Blutengel. It is as good as "Reic mir die Hand" from their new album Tranenherz. So that is all I really have to say about these five tracks. Look for another five sometime next week.

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