Thursday, March 17, 2011

Conjure One w/Pyro Plastic Flow, Vosho, and Little Tin Box

Conjure One with Pyro Plastic Flow, Vosho, and Little Tin Box

2nd concert that I have attended in one week. I have been excited to see Conjure One from the very moment Kilted Farmer Koncerts booked this show which I think goes back to January. Here are shots that I have taken from the show. I will post clips of the videos at another time.

I had a immensely good time. The music was wonderful. Last night was my 2nd time of seeing Pyro Plastic Flow. I have to say I finally got a grasp of what Rockula was trying to accomplish with his music which is a mix of samples, drums, and guitar riffs. His music is essentially a soundtrack to the images that is shown on the screen which ranges from old '70s Japanese commercials to uber cheesy Asian martial arts films. A collage of music and images you could say. In other words his music finally grew on me. The first time I saw him was last month at the 400 Bar. I will be honest at the time I didn't really grasp what he was trying to accomplish with his music but now I do and I really enjoyed his set this time around.

Last night was the debut live performance of Vosho, a local electronica band. You can check out their music on their ReverbNation page. I definitely liked what I have heard so far from this promising new band. It is nice to see new electronica artists sprout out in the local music scene which is heavily polluted with pretentious indie rock bands who sounds like they barely can sing or play their instruments properly.

The last local act before Conjure One is the recently reunited Little Tin Box. I really dug what I heard from LTB. I wish I had heard of them before but at least unlike with Autumn, they are creating new music while Autumn pretty much ended last spring. Here is the band's Facebook page.

Now for the best part...Conjure One. What a great set Rhys and Leah put in. I will have to admit that it was a bit weird hearing Leah sing all the vocals that were originally sung by other artists. Still I think Leah did a great job as vocalist. They performed most of my favorite songs (i.e "Sleep", "Extraordinary Ways", "Tears from the Moon", "Center of the Sun", etc...etc...). Wished that they performed "The Distance" but overall I can't really complain. C1 ended the night with Delerium's "Silence". All in all it was a fun night. Mingled with a few of my friends. Chugged down a few Heinies. Got some good pictures/video clips. Oh and it was nice to have some elbow room for once (unlike at the LOA show). HAHA. In 2 weeks De/Vision with Iris and Mesh. Somegirl will start off the show. Yay! I love De/Vision and I can hardly wait to see Iris and Mesh for the first time.

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  1. Awesome show last night, and a great way to top-off my birthday ;-) I missed Rockula's set (though I've seen his stuff twice - it makes more sense when he explains his music before you see it. Very unique - I dig it!)

    Little Tin Box was good - Kelly's voice is angelic!

    And, of course Conjure One sent chills down my spine... like they always do :-) Leah is such a Siren! Beautiful AND a nice set of... LUNGS on her ;-) When she ended the show with Delerium's "SILENCE", it brought back memories of me chilling out in my room at my parents' back in high school - sitting on my bed with my stereo headphones, eyes closed - and just letting her voice take me away :-)

    Overall, a very good night - I'm glad I went!

    ~ T