Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lords of Acid with Radical G!, Angelspit and Thought Thieves

Lords of Acid with Radical G!, Angelspit, and Thought Thieves

After waiting for weeks on end, I finally went to see the mighty Lords of Acid (and actually stayed through the entire show for their set unlike the last time where I abruptly left because I wasn't feeling so good from bad food and exhaustion). Local band Thought Thieves started off the show iwth a brief set which was always fun to see. They have an EP release show at Ground Zero on April 29th with Pop Inc., and Heliosphere (which I definitely plan on attending). Radical G! was interesting but to be honest, I found his brand of synthpop I guess if you want to call it that, didn't do much for me. I thought it lacked some memorable pop hooks. Angelspit put on a good live show although I have to admit I am not crazy about their music and towards the end of their set, their songs started getting on my nerves. They do sound better live than on record. Now Lords of Acid was a ton of fun. Their new singer DJ Mea really killed the audience so to speak. Their set was anything but boring. They saved their most recognizable tracks towards the end of the show (i.e "Pussy", "I Sit On Acid"). I really enjoyed the occasional audience participation during their show.

The overall concert experience was a bit cramped but much more enjoyable than Emilie Autumn. I was able to get some good shots without having to look under or over peoples' shoulders. Now I am looking forward to seeing Conjure One next week with will feature the debut performance of local electronica act VOSHO.

In other news...Combichrist is coming back to Minneapolis on May 11th. Sounds like Gabriel and the Apocalypse will be the opening local band for that show. They are great. And on May 29th is Front Line Assembly with Die Krupps and iVardensphere.

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