Saturday, March 19, 2011

What I am currently listening to

Silent Auction: H on Earth

This is my current favorite album at the moment. I found Silent Auction when I paid a trip to A Different Drum's website and heard their song "Beautiful Mess" on their media player. I was immediately hooked and ordered the album. I have been listening to the album constantly since its arrival this week. What a great synthpop album. I am reminded of The Azoic and Bow Ever Down (but not as monotonous). What a great find.

Somegirl: She's Full of Secrets

This is Somegirl's second album with a different singer. I have to admit I prefer Somegirl's most recent album The Velvet Hour. The songs have better, more memorable melodies. She's Full of Secrets isn't horrible per say but it definitely could use some improvements. Not too keen on the singer on this album. I like Laura who sings on the third album as well as with the trip hop act Endless Blue (whose music is certainly worth checking out).

Junk Circuit: Universol Republic

This is the one album on this list that I will honestly say I did NOT enjoy. I have tried listening to it in its entirety but I just can't. The vocals annoy me. The melodies are lacking compared to other artists signed to A Different Drum Records (or has a distribution deal via the label). Their cover of "Bela Lugosi's Dead" isn't even tolerable.

The Echoing Green: Music from the Ocean Picture

I have been checking out some of The Echoing Green's music on youtube and I have found myself enjoying their music quite a bit. I thought I would start off with Music from the Ocean Picture as my first TEG album.  I have been enjoying this lovely collection of synthpop music. I am particularly fond of the song "December" both musically and lyrically. Just a beautiful pop song. The rest of the CD is very good too. I definitely need to check out more of The Echoing Green's music.

Conjure One: Exilarch

After seeing Conjure One in concert this week, I have been listening to Exilarch a lot. The album keeps getting better and better with every listen although I still don't particularly care for "I Dream in Color". Just not crazy about the vocals and the melodies. It really was a treat to see Conjure One in concert as noted in a previous blog entry.

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