Sunday, March 6, 2011

Upcoming releases

March Releases
Shipwrecks by Ghost & Writer (March 08)
Carbon Beauty by Angelspit (March 08)
Krank by KMFDM (March 08)
666 on the Crucifix by Caustic [digital only] (March 22)
Lovedead EP by Army of the Universe [digital only] (March 22)
Worlds Collide by Binary Park (March 22)

April Releases
Zerstorer by And One (April 12)
Suck by SKOLD (April 12)
Throat Full of Glass by Combichrist (April 12)
The Golden Vagina of Fame and Profit by Caustic (April 12)
Beneath the Ashes by Fractured (April 12)
WTF?! by KMFDM (April 12)

May Releases
Anomie by SKOLD (May 10) [This includes deluxe addition as well]
Beating Dead Horses by 16 Volt (May 10)
Tanzomat by And One (May 10)
Undeveloped by ohGr (May 10)
Shrekk & Grauss by Wumpscut (May 10)
s\t - Every Lining Has a Cloud (May 10) [Projekt Records]
Sans Serif: Unbound - Mira (May 10) [Projekt Records]
Darkest Hour by Clan of Xymox (May 24)
Mother Ignorance by Army of the Universe (May 24)
An Alternative Solution by Mesh (May 24) [This includes deluxe addition as well]
Manifestations at Baba Bazooba by Vienna Woods (May 24)

June Releases
Dies Irae - Atrium Animae (Projekt Records)

Here is a list of upcoming releases from A Different Drum Records. They didn't list any dates so I decided to just post a link to ADD's blog.

I for one is excited the most over new And One. I am so pre-ordering that album but I am going to wait a bit. I am a bit hesitant on remix albums (i.e the upcoming Mesh remix album). They are  a hit or miss with me, usually a miss. May check out Ghost & Writer's album since I do like Frank's worth in Edge of Dawn and Seabound. Other than that, there isn't much for me to really get excited over on this list.

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