Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A trip down memory lane

Last night I was doing a little cleaning in my bedroom. Lo and behold I found a box of mix tapes that I had made years ago. Tonight I started to my tapes. I have to admit the majority of the tapes consisted of crappy pop music but at the time I didn't know any better. I think it was around the time I had just moved back to Minnesota from Wisconsin so that was definitely long before I delved into industrial and synthpop music.

I decided for tonight's blog (and my100th blog entry), I would take a break and post some links to some of the songs from my mix tapes. Some uber cheesy, some actually good.

Weeping by Qkumba Zoo - This is one of my favorite pop songs of all time. I don't consider them a guilty pleasure at all because I don't feel guilty for liking Qkumba Zoo. I thought they made great pop music. Why they didn't make it big here in the states is beyond me.

1000 Oceans by Tori Amos - I have to say this is my personal favorite Tori Amos song. The song is so beautiful and often brings tears to my eyes. I have seen Tori live 4 times. I think she performed this song live on my 2nd or 3rd time I had seen her. I forget. It was such a long time ago.

The Dance of the Bad Angels by Booth and the Bad Angel - It has been years since I have heard this song. Tonight I listened to it for the first time in nearly a decade. What  a great song.

A Love Before Time by CoCo Lee - The song is a little syrupy I have to admit but it is quite lovely. I think the Chinese version is better. I just like hearing the song in its original language.

Sleeping With an Angel by Real McCoy - Back in my early 20s and when I lived in Milwaukee, WI, I didn't know any better and was into that whole europop crap. One of my favorites back then was this ballad by Real McCoy. The lyrics are dumb but I do still enjoy the melodies.

Graduation (Friends Forever) by Vitamin C - See "Sleeping With an Angel". LOL! I admit I like the damn song.

As I Lay Me Down by Sophie B. Hawkins - It has been a long time since I have heard this song. Still love it to this very day. What a gorgeous ballad.

Tarzan Boy by Baltimora - I remember first hearing this song on some commercial for mouthwash (I think). Loved it then as a kid, still love the song as and adult.

Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth by Primitive Radio Gods - I nearly forgotten about this one hit wonder until I found it on one of my mixed tapes tonight. When it first came out on the radio, I quickly got sick of the song because it was so overplayed. Now that PRG has fallen into distant memory, I can finally enjoy this song again.

500 (Shake Baby Shake) by Lush - My favorite Lush song. I miss Lush. They were so great. Damn shame their drummer committed suicide. Lovelife remains as one of my favorite modern rock albums from the '90s.

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