Saturday, March 5, 2011

What I am currently listening to

Covenant: Modern Ruin

I have been looking long and hard for the newest Covenant album at my favorite local record stores, and today I finally found a copy of Modern Ruin. I had heard some of the tracks online which made me want to buy it, preferably in person. My diligence paid off. I am really enjoying the latest collection of modern synthpop from Covenant.

Blutengel: Tranenherz

I have to admit just when I have given up on Blutengel with their mediocre 2009 effort Schwarzes Eis, Chris Pohl returns with a very strong effort courtesy of its first single "Reich mir die Hand". This is the first album without back up vocalist Constance Rudert. New singers Anja and Steffi are nice additions with Chris and Ulrike's vocals. The material is as strong as Demon Kiss and Labyrinth in my honest opinion. They are full of infectious pop hooks.

Artesia: Llydaw

I first discovered Artesia through youtube a few months ago. I was quickly enchanted by the lovely ethereal vocals of Agathe. I recently acquired a copy of their most recent album Llydaw. The music is simply stunning to say the very least. I was quickly reminded of Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Lycia, and a little bit of Chandeen.

127 Hours soundtrack

After hearing the song "If I Rise" with Did and A.R. Rahman from the 127 Hours film not long ago, I decided to check out the soundtrack. I have to say this is not one of the better soundtracks I have heard. The only tracks I really liked (asides from "If I Rise") were the ones A.R Rahman composed and Chopin's "Nocturne No.2". The rest of the tracks felt out of place and just annoyed me.

The Light Asylum promo cd - I am still digging the promo cd that I received last week from the band's guitarist Adam. I will let my review speak for itself. I am really looking forward to hearing their full length album that comes out in late May.

Eurythmics: Greatest Hits

For some odd reason I had a need for some Eurythmics so I requested online from my library. I picked up the cd yesterday. Their music never gets old with me. I just love the Eurythmics' music.

A.R Rahman: Connections

This is another cd I requested online from my library and picked up yesterday. Ever since I first heard his work on the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack a couple of years ago, I have been enjoying his music here and there. This collection does include "Jai Ho" which was featured in SM.  Every now and then I like a break from my usual industrial and synthpop sounds, and listen to something foreign like A.R Rahman and other world artists. Connections is getting a lot of playtime on my boombox. The music is very relaxing for me.

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