Monday, December 31, 2012

Albums I am currently listening to

Syrian: Desynchronized

A few weeks ago I won the auction for Desynchronized on ebay. I found out about it from an email from A Different Drum Records. This is the one Syrian album I have been wanting to get and I finally did. I have been enjoying this album from the Italian synthpop group since I got it in the mail right before going out of town for Christmas. Music is really catchy.

Exitmusic: Passage
I first heard of this band in an earlier issue of City Pages this month. After hearing a few tracks online, I was hooked. This past Friday, I picked up their album Passage. I was automatically hooked on their music. Their music reminded me so much of Sigur Ros and Bat For Lashes.
Hanzel und Gretyl: Scheissmessiah

I was over at Cheapo Records this past weekend. I found a few gems in the used cd bins. One of them was Scheissmessiah. I have been missing that album for sometime now so finding it was a big score for me. Scheissmessiah is HuG's 2nd album on Metropolis Records, certainly one of my personal favorite HuG albums. It's loud and bombastic. Classic Hanzel und Gretyl for me.

Hanzel und Gretyl: Transmissions from Uranus

While I was at Cheapo records yesterday, I came across Hanzel und Gretyl's rare, out of print album Transmissions From Uranus. While I do have a burned copy of the album, I had to buy HuG's second album from their former label. On this album, Vas and Loopy's sound is more industrial/techno and nothing like their current sound. Still I can hear metal influences slowly creeping into the band's sound.

Johnny Cash: American IV: The Man Comes Around

This is the last cd I bought yesterday at Cheapo Records. I used to have it but sold it a couple of times for much needed $$$. This is definitely my last time buying it. Of all the American recordings Cash did, the fourth volume is my personal favorite. It is just so beautiful. Cash is and always will be the man in my book.

The Crystalline Effect: Identity

Identity is one of those albums that had been sitting on my Amazon wish list for almost two years. I finally got around to buying it and so glad that I did. I just love the mix of industrial and trip hop music.

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