Thursday, December 6, 2012

Moonlight Cove - Hearts of the World

Moonlight Cove: Hearts of the World

Moonlight Cove is one of those happy accidents that I had come across on my recommendations section on youtube. I think it was over the summer that I discovered the band. After hearing a few clips from their latest album Hearts of the World, I was hooked. I ordered the album online via A Different Drum Records which is the only American site I could find the album. Next to CHROM's Synthetic Movement, Hearts of the World became one of my most played cds that I bought this year. The music is such a joy to listen to with every spin in my boombox or media player on my work computer.

"This is Euphoria" really had me from the moment I heard the opening notes.

I love how bouncy and cheerful this track is. If I am ever down or in a bad mood I will listen to this song and it will quickly cheer me up. I wish I could find a video for "Save" but I can't. It is my #1 favorite song on the album. I adore the beats and Markus Landgren's vocals.

The album isn't all dance songs. The band does slow down a bit like on "New Sad Ones".

The best ballad on the album is "Lost Angel" (too bad it hasn't been uploaded on youtube). I love how that song closes out the album. Perfect way to end a perfect album.  There really isn't anything about Hearts of the World I didn't like. The heartfelt lyrics, melodies, and musicianship is top notch. One really can't ask for anything much more from Moonlight Cove (except maybe this album could have been a little longer...heheheheh ;)).

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