Tuesday, December 4, 2012

CHROM - Synthetic Movement

I have decided that with the year winding down, I have decided to try to talk about some of my favorite albums one by one before I post my list of my favorite albums of 2012. I should note this will NOT be in chronological order nor I can't guarantee anyone that the albums I mention will be in my top 10 list (just to make things interesting ;)). To start off, I decided to write about one of my personal favorite futurepop/synthpop albums...Chrom's Synthetic Movement.

Of all the synthpop albums, let alone albums in general that I have bought this year, Synthetic Movement is one of the most constantly played albums of 2012. I always find myself turning to this album at least once a week. This is my first CHROM album and I have yet to hear their other album Electroscope so I don't have anything to compare Synthetic Movement with.

What really compelled me to buy Synthetic Movement was their single "Loneliness".

The song is so damn irresistable. I love singing along to the song. It has great pop hooks and dance beats. I also love Christian Marquis's deep, warm vocals. The first time I heard "Loneliness", I was automatically seduced by his soothing vocals. It goes without saying I bought this album from Out of Line as quickly as possible.

Of course CHROM wouldn't be CHROM without me mentioning programmer Thomas Winters who has created some of the most memorable bass lines and pop-friendly melodies of 2012.  I think of him as the backbone of the group. I don't think anyone else could have created the same kind of music as he has on Synthetic Movement.

"We'll Be Alone" is another terrific track off the album that is driven by a really strong bass line.

I find the throbbing bass line rather hypnotic. When I am listening to this album at home, I always find myself dancing to this track.

The only track I wasn't too particularly keen on is "Slave". Christian's vocals loses its polished appeal and is more harsh. I like the beats but the vocals? Meh. Despite that slight misstep on that song, Synthetic Movement ranks as one of my personal favorite albums of 2012 and easily one of the top five most played albums (at home or at work). I hope more people check out this band and album ASAP. I think CHROM is grossly overlooked especially in local dark music scene. That's just my $0.02.

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  1. Thank you al lot for your kind words!!!!
    Greetings Thomas Winters ,-)