Friday, December 21, 2012

My 20 favorite non- 2012 albums that I bought this year

Since yesterday I posted my  list of my favorite albums that were released this year, here are my favorite albums that are a few years old that I bought (or acquired for free)this year.

20. Star - Belly
19. The Way of Curve - Curve
18. Emotional Screening Device - The Frozen Autumn
17. Conjure One - Conjure One
16. Psychotherapy - Die Braut
15. Machines Are Us - Icon of Coil
14. Zal - Stoa
13. Destroyed - Moby
12. Frontiers - Solar Fake
11. Ray of Light - Madonna
10. All Seasons Pass - System Syn
09. Karma - Delerium
08. DOS - Ultraviolet
07. Kindred Spirits - Clan of Xymox
06. Soul Ecstasy - Dual Density
05. Axioms - For All the Emptiness
04. De-Synchronized - Syrian
03. Fire Walk With Me - Zynic
02. Identity - The Crystalline Effect
01. Burning Empires - VNV Nation

Considering the fact that Burning Empires is out of print, the fact that I found a used (but in great condition) copy of it at Cheapo Records for $8 was a massive score for this longtime fan. That was the biggest find I have ever came across in the used cd bins at Cheapo so for me that is my favorite non-2012 release that I bought this year.

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