Friday, December 7, 2012

Various Artists - Discover


2012 has been an excellent year for electropop/synthpop for me. I have discovered quite a few new synthpop bands that I had never heard of, a few of them on the German label Conzoom Records. Earlier this spring/summer, I had ordered a couple of cds from Popnaut, "Morpheus" single by In Strict Confidence and Escape by Future Perfect who is on Conzoom Records. As part of the package, I got a free copy of Discover, a compilation featuring a group of bands signed to the label. What a great compilation. It introduced me to a lot of excellent new bands. One of my personal faves is the American band Carved Souls (whom I saw this past October).

I just love the lead singer's vocals. He could sing the phonebook for all I care, I would still love what I would hear.

Parralox is not so new to me any more but this song "Ancient Times" is. I just love this duo.

This is just pure pop bliss. Good beats and catchy pop hooks.

My absolute favorite track on the entire album is "Fake" by Dual Density. So damn catchy. I ended up buying their album Soul Ecstasy via Amazon. It's a terrific electropop album.

The rest of the album is equally good. I really dug the tracks by Ostrich, Zynic, Vision Talk, and Neuropa. The songs are addictively catchy. I still need to get Ostrich's album. I really the distinctive vocals of their lead singer.  There is something about his vocals that sets him apart from a lot of singers I listen to nowadays. Conzoom records has some kick ass talent on their label. This compilation is a great introduction to their artists. If they put out another comp, they need to put Future Perfect on it. Just saying...;).

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