Saturday, December 22, 2012

My favorite concerts of 2012

Yesterday City Pages posted an article on what they considered the Best Twin Cities Concerts that the staff had seen. In response, I am posting my list of my favorite concerts that I had attended this year.

01. Rammstein

There really was no other concert this year that kicked my ass like Rammstein's show did. That was really the best concert I had seen in 2012.

02. Icon of Coil

Icon of Coil was one of those bands that I had been dying to see for many years. My dream came true earlier this fall when the band reunited for a North American tour (and in the new year new music). Too bad Sebastian was stuck in customs so he couldn't make it to the Minneapolis show. Still I was one happy camper.

03. Metric at the State Theatre
What a fantastic show this show was. Metric proved to be a highly entertaining live band to watch. Their new album Synthetic is absolutely wonderful. I certainly would go see them again...with earplugs ;).

04. Florence and the Machine at the State Theatre
Although the concert was a bit short, I enjoyed my time there immensely. Florence Welch sounds incredible live. Her cds really don't capture her powerful vocals as well as they sound when she is onstage. I felt so fortunate to have scored a ticket to the sold out show. They went fast.

05. Theory of Revolution 2012

I absolutely LOVED this show. Loved all the bands and the overall experience was truly one of the best I ever had at a show (despite the small number of people who attended the show).

06. All Cities Destroyed tour

Came to see Aesthetic Perfection for this show, left the show also loving their fellow tourmates X-RX and BlakOpz. Just an awesome live show.

07. The Birthday Massacre with William Control and Aesthetic Perfection

Second time this year I had seen Aesthetic Perfection which was awesome. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed William Control's set. Didn't care for his album Noir a couple of years ago so I really had no expectations for his set but in the end I came to love his music. I picked up the latest WC album which I absolutely adore.

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