Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nadina - In The Now

Nadina: In the Now

Nadina is a Canadian singer from Lebanon who recently released her debut album In The Now via Nettwerk Records, home to Delerium and Sarah McLachlan. I first became aware of the singer via the first single off Music Box Opera by Delerium called "Monarch".

She also sings on another song off the new Delerium album called "Awakening".

Nadina's contributions on the new Delerium album intrigued me and when her debut album came out,I immediately sought out a copy of In The Now.

I was immediately taken by In The Now. I can hear a lot of Delerium and Conjure One in Nadina's music. Nadina's music mixes traditional Middle Eastern melodies with modern electronica beats. One of my personal favorite tracks on the album is "When Heart Forgives". It is simply a beautiful song.

I also love the title track too. All of the songs on the album is fantastic. I look forward to hearing more music from this talented singer.

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