Thursday, July 18, 2013

10 artists/bands worth checking out

Tonight I got a great idea to start a new quarterly series on artists and bands that I think people need to check out. Hopefully people will like what they read and hear.

10. 18 Summers
18 Summers is a synthpop group that used to go under the name Silke Bischoff. After a dispute with a former band member, Felix Flaucher and Frank Schwer decided to create a new identity hence 18 Summers. Last night I came across a few tracks off the band's 2012 album Magic Circus and immediately fell in love with their music again. I only have heard one of their albums in the past but after hearing Magic Circus on youtube, I found myself getting back into the band's sound.

09. Nitronoise
I have been listening to Nitronoise's music online for the past couple of weeks now. Last night I bought online their album Total Nihilism. This is some killer aggrotech. The music is heavy as fuck, the way I love my EBM. If you like Combichrist and Nachtmahr, you will totally dig these guys. I know I do.

08. The Break Up
I was listening to The Break Up's album Synthesis today at work. I totally forgot how much I dig this album (this is what happens when one floods herself with lots of music). I have been a longtime fan of Severina Sol since I first heard her on the the first Diva Destruction album nearly a decade ago (or maybe it has been a decade...yikes! lol). Synthesis really shows Severina's potential as a vocalist where with her other band Cylab, her vocals is much more restrained. Still love her work with Cylab with every bone in my body. After all I do consider Cylab one of the bands that has had a huge influence on my musical tastes. Anyhoo, to get back on topic, The Break Up's sound is a mish-mash of '80s new wave and modern industrial music. The results is just killer.

07. Mr.Kitty
Yeah, I know I have talked about Mr.Kitty in a previous blog but I'll mention him again. This artist puts out some excellent synthpop music.

06. Code
Another band I mentioned before on my blog but I think they also deserve another shout out because I think their music is THAT good.

05. Kobra and the Lotus
Kobra and the Lotus is one of my new discoveries in recent weeks. I bought their album last weekend and been listening to it non-stop. Not a big metal fan but this band kicks ass. It is one of the few metal albums from this year I have been listening to a lot lately (next to Tristania's Darkest Whites).

04. Zynic
Zynic is a really great synthpop artist whose music I discovered last year.

03. Promidal
I admit I am biased with this local band because I am good friends with the lead singer. That said, their music and live shows is just awesome. If you like Suicide Commando, you will totally dig these guys.

02. Future Perfect
Future Perfect is one of my favorite [new] bands from 2012. Still love them today as I did last year. I think they deserve a bigger audience which is why I am giving them another shout out on my blog.

01. Noblesse Oblige
So while 2012 I was all about Future Perfect, 2013 has been and still is all about Noblesse Oblige. What can I say? I'm obsessed with this band :P. Of all the bands I come across online, not many have the ability to create music that really sets them apart from their peers and that I think really deserves massive push from me as a blog writer and music lover. I love how no two songs of theirs sounds alike. Just listen to their songs "Runaway" and "Mata Hari". They sound nothing alike. They are totally different but when you listen to Affair of the Heart as a whole, they totally flow well together when "Mata Hari" ends and where "Runaway" begins. I'm sure I am driving some people up the wall with the way I ramble on about Noblesse Oblige but my enthusiasm for this band is genuine. I really do recommend taking a listen to their music.

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