Wednesday, July 10, 2013


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A week or two ago, I was sent a few promo tracks for this artist named Mr.Kitty (aka Forrest Avery Carney) who is based in Dallas, Texas from the Jason L. Anderson of Engraved Ritual record label. I had heard the track "Heaven" after getting it via Twitter and was totally blown away by what I have heard so to hear a few tracks off the new Mr.Kitty album Life was an immense joy. From the moment I heard the song "Insects" off Life, I knew I was going to buy the digipack (which I just did tonight). The music reminds me of some of my favorite synthpop artists from the '80s like Erasure and Pet Shop Boys but without sounding dated or obsolete. To get an idea of what Mr.Kitty sounds like, you can check out the links I had posted at the top of the page or watch this video clip from youtube.

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