Wednesday, July 3, 2013

DJ SLT - Kradis

For those in the Twin Cities music scene (namely in the dark underground scene) who are quite familiar with DJ SLT from Across the Board on KFAI, you can also add "musician" to his job description. Last month he had just released a new album Kradis via House Shinto (formerly Shinto Records).

Kradis is based on a fictional sci-fi score/concept album set on the planet Kradis according to its FB page. Does the music live up to the album's description? Absolutely! I was quickly transported to another planet via imagination when I listen to the album. I did feel like I was on the planet Kradis and I was in some sort of spacecraft. Kradis is definitely an album that one can't listen to while multitasking like doing chores around the house unless you listen to this type of music 24/7. Kradis is one of those albums for me that required many sit downs with my laptop or my headphones on at work to really absorb the music into my subconsciousness. I will be the first to admit that my taste in music tends to veer in the more well known bands in the goth/industrial/synthpop scene but I dug Kradis. A few years ago I would have totally wrote this off as repetitive and well boring but I can't say that now. This album challenged me in a way no other album that I have bought or had the opportunity to review has ever done. I like Kradis because the music makes me feel like I am in the fictional setting of well, you guessed it...planet Kradis ;). The music is deeply atmospheric and with a dark, sinister element that put this listener on the edge of her seat but at the same time the music can be incredibly moving. For example: track #11 Sunken. You know how in a play/film there are three acts (the set-up, confrontation, and resolution). This track is part of act III. The song has such a grandiose quality to it. My other favorite track is #1 The Buckle. It is a pleasant way to start off the album. I like how the droning and the sounds of spaceship does not just shows up suddenly but rather in a more subtle manner so the listener isn't totally jolted by those sounds. Every track on the album has its own distinct sound with the music and sound effects  but not so distinctive that they would not be able to flow well together.

In a sea of VNV Nation, KMFDM, Apoptygma Berzerk, Suicide Commando clones/wannabes, I think it is worth venturing out of one's comfort zone and try something different like Kradis by DJ SLT. As someone who has been watching the local music scene in the Twin Cities for the last few years, I must say I am proud to see it evolving especially in the dark music scene. Our scene may be small but I am see that it is a work in progress and is constantly evolving and growing. BTW...don't forget Leaether Strip will be performing at Ground Zero a week from tomorrow night ;). Yes, that was a shameless plug ;).

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