Monday, July 22, 2013

Albums I need to get before the end of the year

Today after work, my copy of Total Nihilism by the Canadian band Nitro/Noise arrived today in the mail from Vendetta records. It goes without saying that I loved it. I also realized that Vendetta Records puts out some kickass music and got me thinking about what I should order online next from the record label. This quickly lead me to share with my readers the albums that I need to get before the end of the year.

Noblesse Oblige: Malady
This album has one of my favorite songs by Noblesse Oblige "The Great Electrifier" which is featured on Absolute Grrrls Manifesto Chapter One compilation from Alfa Matrix.

Syrian: Death of a Sun

After hearing a soundcloud preview of the new Syrian album a month or two ago, Death of a Sun is definitely high on my must have list.

Detroit Diesel: Coup D'Etat

I am thinking this is going to be my next purchase from Vendetta Records.

Electrovot: Turning Point

I just discovered this band last week and immediately fell in love with their music.

18 Summers: Magic Circus

Cat Rapes Dog: Biodegradable

I don't say this very often but I really regret selling my copy of Cat Rapes Dog's Biodegradable album years ago. I miss listening to it. Before I get their new album, I definitely want to get this album back into my music collection again.

Mediaeval Baebes: The Huntress

Chiasm: 11:11

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