Thursday, July 4, 2013

My favorite albums to chill out to

So yesterday I stopped at the library after work to pick up a few items that I had requested online. One of the items I picked up was Dido's new album Girl Who Got Away. I have been really enjoying the heck out of the album. The album is really nice to relax to after running around town doing errands or other stuff. This inspired tonight's blog which features my favorite albums I love to chill out to.

Buddha Bar IV

Nothing really soothes the savage beast in me than my favorite chillout series Buddha Bar. I'm also a huge fan of volume 5 too.

Amethystium: Isabliss

This album has a very calming effect on me. Love it!

Balligomingo: Beneath the Surface

Beauty 2: Music That Touches the Soul

Excellent compilation.

Sirenes: The Beauty of the Female Voice

Sleepthief: Dawnseeker

Portishead: Dummy

Conjure One: Conjure One

This still remains to be my personal favorite C1 album. It is flawless.

Delerium: Poem

Truly one of my favorite albums regardless of genre, and definitely one of my personal favorite Delerium albums of all time.

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