Saturday, July 13, 2013

Albums I am currently listening to

Promidal - Dead Nation
After seeing Promidal live this past Thursday night, I started listening to their Dead Nation EP again. Totally love their brand of aggrotech. Like I said in my previous blog entry, their music translates better live especially considering the effort they put into their set. Still I do recommend downloading their EP. It is even FREE. Check 'em out.

F.T.C - Anti-Human
Last weekend I went to see some live bands at Club Underground. One of the bands I saw was F.T.C (which stands for Frustration Towards Creation). It was F.T.C's first live show. I thought they were terrific. After that night, I started listening to Anti-Human again which I hadn't in awhile to be honest but that was due to the influx of new music. I think it is really good and definitely needs to be heard. It was released last year from the Colorado record label Engraved Ritual. Definitely recommend checking some of their artists on that label. I just got hooked on Mr.Kitty, a synthpop act signed to that label.

Kobra and the Lotus - Kobra and the Lotus
This morning when I was goofing around on Facebook, I came across the ad for the Canadian heavy metal band Kobra and the Lotus. Considering my penchant for female fronted metal bands, my curiousity was piqued so I went on youtube and checked out a couple of songs by the band. I was completely impressed with what I heard. When I went to the Electric Fetus today for some music shopping, I found the band's self-titled album. Of course I left the store with it. I was definitely not disappointed in what I had heard. The album totally kicks ass. If Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson was a woman, I think he would sound like Kobra Paige. I have already listened to the album twice today. It is definitely will be going on my end of the year best of list.

Funker Vogt - Companions in Crime
While I did not find the new FLA album as I hoped that I would at the Fetus today, I did though find the new Funker Vogt album. Yay for me! I am enjoying it immensely.

Saint Etienne - Tiger Bay
This is the other CD I bought today. I have been missing having their music in my music collection lately. I was thrilled with I found a used copy of the import version of Tiger Bay, my favorite SE album of all time. I love this version that featured some songs not included on the US version that I once had.

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