Friday, July 12, 2013

Leaether Strip with Promidal and Cynergy 67 in Minneapolis, MN 7.11.13

Well another Kilted Farmer Koncerts production has come and gone. I had a lot of fun last night. You can see pictures from the show on my Instagram page and also at this link on imageshack. I also got in this video footage from Leaether Strip's set during the night.

In my opinion, the show was a lot of fun. I was really looking forward to the most was Promidal's set and I was not disappointed one bit. Rarely do I see bands put in the effort of incorporating performance art into their set but Promidal did that which from my understanding took a couple of months to put together. There was lots of blood and gore which almost reminded me of the opening scene for the ever so disgusting gross film Mother of Tears by Dario Argento. Seriously that was what I was reminded of although I liked what I saw last night, Mother of Tears not so much. Musically Promidal sounded excellent live with their brand of aggrotech/terror ebm. Their EP Dead Nation is really good I think but their music translate live a hundred times better.  If you missed their set last night, it was a visual sight to see. I haven't been that entertained by any band (local or national) that had that much energy and imagination that Promidal had in a long time.

Up next was the Wisconsin band Cynergy 67. I personally hadn't seen them live since 2010 when they opened up for Unter Null. They put in a very energetic set too. Was a bit short on cash last night so I was not able to buy some merchandise from them but I definitely plan on making it up for that very soon. I really like what I have heard online from their latest album, and they say they will have a new album out later this fall (like in October). Hopefully the band will come back to the cities again so I can see them live again.

Finally was the mighty Leaether Strip. Leaether Strip was terrific. Like Promidal, Leaether Strip's music translates much better live in my honest opinion. The audience totally ate up LS's set.  It was fun show. I thought it was great seeing a band with such a rich history as Leaether Strip come to Minneapolis on their 25th anniversary tour, let alone a much different band than I am used to seeing live. I am used to seeing more of today's contempory acts in the industrial scene. To see a band with a long history like Leaether Strip was a real treat for me. I hope everyone who went to the show last night had as much fun as I did.

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