Saturday, July 20, 2013

My 10 favorite aggrotech bands

For the last couple of days I have been listening to a lot of aggrotech music. I think that has stemmed from when I saw Promidal last week at Ground Zero during the Leaether Strip concert. I have been listening to quite a bit of it today, the music has inspired tonight's blog entry in which I would share with everyone my favorite aggrotech bands.

10. God Module

09. Hocico

08. Detroit Diesel

07. Nitronoise

06. Die Braut

05. Grendel

04. Psyborg Corp

03. Amduscia

02. Suicide Commando

01. Unter Null

It is really funny, when I started listening to industrial music on a serious level a decade ago, I was not aware of the sub-genre.  When I did eventually become aware of the music, the harsh, guttural vocals didn't really appeal to me. The first aggrotech album I have ever heard was Suicide Commando's Bind,Torture, Kill album. I had bought it on a whim because I saw Metropolis Record's logo on the CD. It wasn't until I heard Unter Null's music courtesy of Myspace (back in its heyday) did I started thinking to myself "Hey! This shit is awesome!". Unter Null's The Failure Epiphany remains a huge musical influence on me regardless of genre. Just so damn fucking good. Slowly but surely I started doing some research and checking out other aggrotech bands over the  years. I love the aggressive energy of aggrotech especially when I am at work and need to get my groove on while working on pushing through some billing charges.

I have to admit I have yet to add Detroit Diesel's music to my music collection but I absolutely love everything that I have heard from the band online. I have listened to every song I could find online and enjoyed every single second of those songs. They definitely are a high priority of must have for my music collection. Nitronoise is my latest discovery. I recently ordered their debut album Total Nihilism from Vendetta records. They remind me of Combichrist a lot and to be honest, I like this band even more so. Today I heard a track by Amduscia off their new album Filofobia. My ears practically melted when I heard the title track. I ended up pre-ordering the new album off today which they will get by the end of the month.

You're probably wondering where is Combichrist, Funker Vogt, and/or Aesthetic Perfection. While I do enjoy those bands immensely, the top ten I just listed I feel puts out more consistent material. These three bands have an uneven track record with me. They definitely would fall in my top 20 hands down for sure especially since how good Combichrist and Aesthetic Perfection are live.

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