Saturday, October 4, 2014

10 of My Favorite Things in Music

I was out at a concert in Saint Paul and didn't have the time to blog my weekly series so here it is today :).

10 2014 Releases That Needs to Be Heard (at the moment)
01. Too True by Dum Dum Girls
02. Here and the Hereafter by Mirabilis
03. Fearful Shepherds Hunt Their Sheep by The Luna Sequence
04. Frostbite EP by Avarice in Audio
05. We Are Watching EP by Cosmic Armchair
06. Keluar by Keluar
07. Zughenruhe by Audiocentesis
08. Trillun by Fort Wilson Riot
09. Mircless by Lucid Living
10. Many Faces of War by Army on the Dance Floor

10 Albums I Am Looking Forward to Hearing
01. The Xenogamous Endeavor by Psy'Aviah
02.A Strange Play: An Alfa Matrix Tribute to The Cure
03. Shine and Burn by Avarice in Audio
04. Black Forest Metal by Hanzel Und Gretyl
05. Superstition by The Birthday Massacre
06. High Voltage Confessions by Junksista
07. Japanese Robot Invasion by Lovelorn Dolls
08. Error EP by Spider Lilies
09. Exorcisms by Belle Morte
10. Drahtseilakt by L'Ame Immortelle

10 Current Favorite Albums
01. Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mixtape Volume 1
02. Social Distortion by Social Distortion
03. Here and the Hereafter by Mirabilis
04. Hydra by Within Temptation
05. Amaranthe by Amaranthe
07. In Cold Blood by White Sea
08. Blood by In This Moment
09. Demon Kiss by Blutengel
10. I Never Learn by Lykke Li

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