Saturday, October 18, 2014

Album of The Week: The Xenogamous Endeavor by Psy'Aviah

2014 has really been a great year for music. Despite that it is mid-October, there are still some great releases that has yet to come out or has recently came out. My new favorite release that just came out this week is The Xenogamous Endeavour by Psy'Aviah. I have been eagerly anticipating this album after hearing their EP Our Common Future which was released earlier this year. The music re-ignited my interest in the electro-pop band.I have always liked Psy'Aviah but somehow the music really struck a chord with me until now.

 From what I have read online, The Xenogamous Endeavour has been well received by most fans and has gotten quite a few positive reviews from critics despite the absence of Emelie Nicolai who had left the group. With Emelie gone, founding member Yves Schelpe decided that instead of working with just one singer he decided to collaborate with an array of vocalists for the new album. The results definitely lives up to my expectations. The music is a lot poppier than on the albums that came before it. Personally for me, "Get Your Tickets" featuring Suzi Q. Smith was the one track on the album that I did not care for. The rapping just threw me off and it feels out of whack on the entire album. That said, it is just one track that I did not like. The rest of the album is absolutely fantastic. Yves chose a great group of artists to work with for each song. Asides from "Get Your Tickets", I just found it near damn impossible to pick one favorite song off the album. I will say this go listen to "In Uthenera" featuring Angelika Schwarzblut from the electro band Schwarzblut (which reminds me, I really do need to buy their new album one of these days, it is really good). It is a beautiful song.

So for my Album of the Week selection, I have chosen The Xenogamous Endeavour. It is beyond good. This album will easily be in my top 5 of my best of list. Go check it out!

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