Monday, October 20, 2014

5 Albums You Should Check Out

01. Youthh Code: An Overture - I have been listening to this album constantly this past weekend. It is so good. Definitely well worth the long ass wait I had to get it. I think Youth Code (and 3 Teeth) is what our little music scene really needs. A lot of the music right now sounds repetitive with all the oontz oontz beats going on (not to say that I don't love the synth beats but I do think the scene is becoming stagnant).

02. Psy'Aviah: The Xenogamous Endeavour

As if I really need to explain this choice ;).

03. Stoneburner: Songs in the Key of Arrakis
One of the more underrated releases of 2014. The music reminds me of Juno Reactor. I definitely recommend buying the album.

04. Bad Pollyanna: Monstrous Child

Just came across this album on bandcamp a minute ago.

The last one I can't really recommend but I am sure there are diehard KMFDM fans who would be interested in hearing their new album. Me personally? I have moved on to bigger and better things years ago. I'll just stick to their '80s/'90s material.

05. KMFDM: Our Time Will Come

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