Tuesday, October 7, 2014

5 Songs You Should Check out

01. Psy'Aviah: Deliverance (featuring Miss FD)

Song is taken from the new Psy'Aviah album The Xenogamous Endeavor out next week.

02. Lovelorn Dolls: Just Like Heaven

Song is taken from the A Strange Play: An Alfa Matrix Tribute to The Cure which comes out on November 7.

03. I:Scintilla: The War to Win

04. Avarice in Audio: Sleepwalking Societies

Song is taken from their debut album Shine and Burn which comes out on November 21.

05. Junksista: The Truth

Song is taken from High Voltage Confessions out on November 21.

Personally I am particularly excited about the new albums by Psy'Aviah and the debut release of Avarice in Audio. The EPs they have released this year have been spectacular.  I really like the direction that Psy'Aviah is taking by eschewing a full time lead singer and going with an array of other artists. All I really need to make my life complete (at least for the moment) is the debut album by Cosmic Armchair. Just saying ;).

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