Tuesday, October 28, 2014

5 Artists I am not embarrassed for liking

01. Dolly Parton
I think it is pretty public knowledge that country legend Dolly Parton has always been a LGBT ally but today she made her status in the gay community even bigger by calling out the anti-gay Christians which you can read in this article on Billboard.com.  I have been a fan of Dolly Parton since I first saw her in the classic comedy 9 to 5, still the funniest office/workplace movie ever.  As an adult I have grown to love her even more so as a human being as well as a musician. I am not going to make any bones about it I am a big LGBT supporter and I have always known for some time that she was  big gay icon. Her recent comments today when she called out the sanctimonious, self-righteous bible thumpers about judging members of the LGBT community made me love her even more so.

02. Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens
There weren't a lot of artists that my brother listened to that I liked when we were teenagers. He was more into classic rock like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, and worse yet the Grateful Dead (gag me). I was more into alternative rock. The one artist that I did like that he got me into was Cat Stevens (now known as Yusuf Islam). I still love listening to Cat Stevens' music to this very day.

03. Weird Al
Like anyone who grew up in the '80s, Weird Al was part of my childhood. I still love his music to this very day. It always cracks me up. His new album Mandatory Fun is good for some laughs.

04. Belinda Carlisle
I love the Go Go's. They were one of my favorite bands growing but I always loved Belinda's work as a solo artist even more so. Her solo music was a lot poppier but catchy nevertheless. I just got back into her solo material over the spring time when I ordered her latest collection of her hit songs. It made me wish pop music today wasn't so slick and over produced, not to mention the overuse of Auto-Tune. Pop artists today should take a lesson here and there from pop stars from my youth like Belinda Carlisle.

05. Angel Haze
I didn't imagine I would ever like hip hop music but I have come to like some of it this year (first GRRRL PRTY, now Angel Haze).

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