Monday, October 27, 2014

5 Albums From Alfa Matrix you should hear

Ever since the new Psy'Aviah album came out almost a couple of weeks ago, I have been listening to a lot of music from Alfa Matrix. I decided to pick my top 5 favorite releases from the label I think my readers should check out.

01. A Strange Play: An Alfa Matrix Tribute to The Cure

I just received my latest order from Alfa Matrix records today and in it was the new tribute album to The Cure. It features a slew of Alfa Matrix artists covering classic songs and deep cuts from The Cure. It is a 2 cd compilation. I have been enjoying the album a lot this evening. The album comes out on November 7 but you can hear a few tracks on the bandcamp page.

02. Psy'Aviah: The Xenogamous Endeavour

This album was also in the package that I got today.It is certainly going to be in my top 5/10 best of 2014 list. It is a fantastic album.

03. Mondtraume: Empty

Another excellent 2014 release from Alfa Matrix. The debut album by the Spanish synthpop act Mondtraume is by far my favorite synthpop album I have heard this year. It is solid from start to finish.

04. Unter Null: The Failure Epiphany

My favorite aggrotech album of all time. This album is a huge musical influence on me. I have yet to get sick of listening to it.

05. Ayria: Debris

My favorite Ayria album of all time.

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